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PSP SLIM na starý TV


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..narazil sem na tenhle clanek..

..a celkem s radosti se dozvedel, ze by melo jit hrat PSP na starejch televizich pomoci pluginu..

..ma to nekdo skutecne vyzkouseny...jestli mam zejtra letet pro kabel a vyzkouset to..

As you know, sony doesn't allow to use interlaced mode while playing games.

It's mean, that all users of SDTV (standard definition TV) aren't able to play their favourite games on TV screen :(

But even if your TV supports progressive scan (aka HDTV), the picture will be not fullscreen.

This's holy sh*t! Let's get rid of this f*ckin limitations with FuSa!

..naky informace o tomhle projektu se odctete TADY

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