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Amiga360 emulator


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Tak konecne uz je ke stazeni Amiga360 – P-UAE 2.3.3 JTAG


- Based off P-UAE V2.3.3

- Simple and easy to use GUI

- Full Mouse/Keyboard support

- OCS/ECS/AGA/Picasso96 emulation

- Hardfile emulation

- Savestate support

- BSD Socket Emulation (experimental)

- Filesystem emulation (experimental)

- Drive click support

- Prebuilt config files included.

- Tested and working with Amiga-SYS, ClassicWB and AIAB



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Ja v pohode rozjel Amigu se vsemi hrami a systemy a je jedno kam to nakopirujes. Muzes to nechat na externim HDD nebo to dat i na original HDD v xboxu. Je nutne jen dobre nastavit cesty ve FSD. Ja si to nechal napr. na externim HDD a parada. Amiga se mi ukazuje ve slozce Emulatrory, tak jak to ma byt. Zkousel jsem jeste Commodore 64, ale ten mi napsal, ze pod x360 nekomunikuje. Zrejme to je udelane jeste pro starsi xbox 1 nebo jsem mel spatny emulator :)

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