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ABGX360 - problem



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Torrent jako takový by měl být bez problémů, má poměrně dobré kontrolní mechanismy. Nejspíš vznikl problém při samotném ripování hry a to ovlivníš dost těžko.

Mít tři vadné hry najednou je poměrně neobvyklé, to je ale také pravda. Zkus zkontrolovat svůj HDD, pokud má nějaké vadné sektory, může to také způsobovat problémy. Také zkus hru jen rozbalit znovu, třeba to zabere (no, nejspíš ne).

Pokud ovšem vznikla chyba u ripování, máš bohužel smůlu a budeš muset tahat znovu. Samozřejmě, vždy je dobré tahat z ověřených zdrojů a pročíst si komentáře, pokud je hra vadná, objevují se reakce docela rychle.

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Game partition CRC does not match the verified ini! There are 4 possibilities:

1. This is a bad rip (the most likely cause). If you're checking a DVD backup

and have AnyDVD or a similar app installed, make absolutely sure the process is

killed! If this is a scene release, search for it on abgx.net and look at the

column "Bad CRC or Needs Fixing". If you see a <!> icon, hover over it with

your mouse to read the alt text. If it says something like "Bad game data CRC"

or gives the name of a fix (PPF patch), we already know about it. It's also

highly recommended to run abgx360 again with AutoFix set to level 3 if you

applied a PPF to make sure stealth files haven't been corrupted. See "What is

AnyDVD style corruption?" in the GUI Quickstart tab for more info on game data


2. Your CPU/RAM/HDD/data bus is unstable and corrupted the data during

extraction/burning or while checking the CRC. Make sure to run the sfv and try

extracting it again (assuming you have the sfv/rars) and recheck the ISO/DVD to

see if you get the same CRC.

3. Game data was intentionally modified for some reason. Microsoft does not

take kindly to modifications for any purpose, and even benign changes to game

data or settings will get you banned from Xbox Live!

4. The verified Game CRC in the database is wrong (very unlikely).

Stealth was verified but game data wasn't

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