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Prosim piste jen oznameni o novych verzich ruznych uzitecnych udelatek s kratkym popiskem zmen

DashLunch 2.25

- added Trinity arcade memory unit to dash launch as IntMu:

- can update ggBuild type patch sets

- add 13604

- patches updated to remove E66 (dvd code exec) errors in kernel

FbBuild V0.33

- support Karnel 13604

Xbox Image Browser v2.9 Build:0350 by Redline99

- Added - Added folder preselection to Save As browse dialog

- Added - Command line parsing to open an iso from explorer (Open With command)


Xbox Image Browser is intended to only work with iso files. Reading directly

from a dvd disc is supported by the Image Browser embedded in Xbox Backup Creator.

CMD Freebooter v1.2.6b

-Fixed: Bug with SMC option only beeing shown if Cygnos360 v2 for zephyr vas used (in the menu)

-Changed: fbBuild 0.33 is now beeing used :)

-Changed: Dashlaunch 2.25 is now beeing used :)

-Fixed: Dashlaunch 2.24 didn't work with 13604, previous version wasn't officially released, but some ppl has used it to build a almost complete 13604 image :(

-Added: Your nand is now used with fbbuild aswell when making your new nand, this means all your settings will be saved unless you choose not to in the options.ini, and your nand will be remapped by fbbuild at build time unless you disable that aswell in options.ini! :D

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