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GAT IV the complet edition NA CFW 3.55 Kmeaw


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ok super a kde jsi ho cucal TORRENT bo kde j s externim HDD mam problem nikde tu na forku nemuzu najit jak to sprovoznit je tu v tom bordel moc prispevku;-) poradil bys prosim

j jedno GTA IV uz sem stahl ale tu prvni verzi a hru spustim a furt tam probyhaji obrazky (asik instalace) uz cekam asik cca 35min a furt nic asik zasek nebo nwm ale obr se furt stridaji

tak uz to mam ve slozce např BLUES00001 PS3 ubdate neni nic DPC;-(

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hmmm tak ten samej problem jak u normal GTA IV normal verze neni tam zadnej update :shock: mas tam nejaky update mohl bys ho nekam UPNOUT prosim;-)

JJJJJJ BLES sedííííííí :tick:

zas sem cekal zhruba 20 min a nic mas tam nejak znazornene probyhajici instal neboo jenom ty stridaci se obr :angry:

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tak to me po jj ja tam take tu slozku mam a take je prazdna ale nespustim to zadne probyhani ins tam neni skusim to na ten HDD ale stim mam problem za 1, nemuzu sprvoznit HDD 2, nevim jak tam vytvorit ty slozky a jak nakopirovat normal pres USB 3, nefunguje mi multiman hodi chybu s BD-ROM eror bd emu.br:blejt:

jo a v PS v game data utility se vytvori slozka GTA ale zadnej obr jen takovej JOY pad no nvm co stim :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

nemel jsi k tomu nejaky PKG fix bo neco takoveho kolik ma cela hra v PS rozbalena

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tak uz to jede rozchodil sem to s intrerniho hdd pres multimana + tento patch PACK[GTA_Complete_Edition][bLES01128].rar a navod

The ID of the game has to be the BLES01128, if you do not know if you have other work.

Tutorial to load the game from the inside to kmeaw 3.55 (Multimedia 2.00.02 or higher required)

1 º) If we have something installed the game delete it

2 º) Enter Multimedia, press select-start to go to the File Explorer, locate the folder of our game in GAMES or GAMEZ, and inside the folder of our game we look for the folder PS3_GAME and press O and choose "shadow for PKG game ". We say yes to the question

3 °) Let dev_hdd0/game and delete the folder BLES01128 that we just created

4 º) In Multimedia own ftp or replace the following files:

"We replaced the pack COMP.BIN the route dev_hdd0/G/E01128/USRDIR

"We replaced the pack EBOOT.BIN by our backup in GAMES or GAMEZ (do a copy of the original)

5 º) Load the game with any manager

"If it works I try to pass the fix permissions

"To eliminate it we delete the backup folder and dev_hdd0/G/E01128 (if you only delete one of them not free space)

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