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[Release] New CFW 3.72 HX-1


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HellDashX has released a new custom firmware 3.72 HX .

Now you'd probably remember _HellDashX_ for the Anti Update for the PSP Slim plugin that he created last month (it's a prx plugin that allows you to "hide" the UMD Update icon - keen huh?). At that point in time, _HellDashX_ had reverse engineered the code from the original programmers of the Anti Update, Team tOc.

This time around, with Custom Firmware 3.72 HX-1, _HellDashX_ had reverse engineered Dark AleX's CFW code (as you might have already guessed).The cfw was beta tested by Coolj.

Here are some notes from _HellDashX_ himself:

1. The Recovery is the old one, soon update will come with new one, my own.

2. Not much changed from 3.71 to 3.72 so I just had to adapt the code to the new firmware.

3. The updater is the same as Dax's (all reversed by me,too).

4. No 1.5 kernel included. Reverse engineering DAX's 150 kernel and will soon release a compatible 150 kernel for 372 HX.


The pops (PS1 emulation) is currently not working with an ISO created from a PS1 CD.


DOWNLOADS: http://www.consolespot.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=633&d=1194392177

nevíte náhodou o tom někdo něco ?

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