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Dark Alex PSP Mac Spoofer


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PSP Mac Spoofer

he man who can keep reinventing himself, Dark_AleX, has released a plugin to spoof your PSP’s mac address. As detailed in the readme:

This plugin does NOT:

* Change the mac address stored in idstorage (that’s useless, as that is just to show the info in xmb). Therefore you will still see your old mac in system info.

* Change the read only mac address stored in the wlan chip.

This plugin DOES:

* Change the mac address that your psp will send to other wireless devices. This is useful if you want to hide your real mac address from other people for some reason, or if you want to bypass some mac filter protection of your neighbour. You can see your spoofed mac address when you test a connection in the XMB, or if you look into router logs. By default, the Sony firmware “tells” the wlan chip firmware to use the internal mac address. This plugin just changes that.


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