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DVD to PSP Quick Start Guide


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1.PSP Wizard

When you run DVD to PSP for the first time, it will prompt you for the drive letter of your PSP, whilst it is connected to your PC.


If your Sony PSP is not connected to your PC at the moment or is not available, you can simply choose a hard drive, such as C:\

When you have chosen your drive letter, press Apply.

2. Open a DVD

From the main toolbar, press the Open DVD button, or you may select File-> Open DVD from the main menu

You will now be asked to provide the location of your DVD you wish to encode.


Press OK, when you are happy with your selection.

DVD to PSP will now populate the view with the main contents of the DVD. This can take a few seconds to complete, depending on the speed of your CPU and DVD-ROM drive.

You should have something similar to the image shown below, obviously your Title and Chapter layout will look different to the one shown.


3. Choose your Output File Type

OK, on the right of the window, you will see the Output options. This allows you to choose the type of file you wish to convert the DVD to.


H.264, also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), is a video compression standard that offers significantly greater compression than its predecessors. The standard is expected to offer up to twice the compression of the current MPEG-4 ASP (Advanced Simple Profile), in addition to improvements in perceptual quality. The H.264 standard can provide DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps, and is considered promising for full-motion video over wireless, satellite, and ADSL Internet connections.


MPEG4 is the name of a popular new video codec being developed as an open source project by volunteer programmers from all over the world. The format was created to offer a free alternative to other commercial video codecs, and despite being open source its quality and efficiency has made it one of the most popular video codecs online. While MPEG4 still isn't as widely used as DivX, playback of MPEG4 movies is usually supported in new DVD players nowadays.The MPEG4 codec makes it possible to compress a full-length DVD-quality movie enough to fit on a single CD (might require 2 CDs depending on the length of the movie), while still maintaining the original image quality. Despite the fact that MPEG4 movies offer higher quality video at smaller file sizes they take less time to encode than MPEG-2 due to the incredible compression technology. The video is usually combined with MP3 or AC3 audio to enable both high quality video and audio. These factors and the fact that the codec is distributed for free has contributed to the success of the format.

4. Choose your options

Video Settings: Bitrate (k/bits), Video Size,Frame Rate.

Adv. Video Settings:Filter---Allows you to specify a De-Interlace or Inverse Telecine filter to the output file

Audio Settings: Bitrate, Sampling, Channels, Normalize Sound , Adjust Volume

General Settings.

CPU Priority

This option lets you adjust how much time your PC will spend encoding files.

Low : Only encode when the CPU is idle

Norm : Default CPU time,

High : Use as much CPU cycles as possible. Warning: Choosing this option, may render your computer into a non-responding state until the encoding has finished. Use with care


By Title - Your output will be a single file per Title

By Chapter - Selecting this, will put the software into 'Chapters' mode, where you can select the chapters you wish to encode into their own files

Shutdown When Finished

This option, if ticked, will automatically shutdown your PC after the DVD to PSP conversion has finished. This is very useful, if you want start your DVD conversion last thing at night, but don't want your PC to remain switched on for hours after the process has finished.

5. Providing Track Information

As you will see, the default name for your files has been generated with the format of - Title 01 etc...

You may edit these names, simply by clicking the field and changing the name else.

6. Ready to Rip

OK, we are ready to go.

Press the Start Ripping button to begin the process -

The encoding process and will report the progress on the current process


You may abort the encoding process at any time, by pressing the Abort button, t his will stop the encoding process.


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