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Pls potrebuju poradit ohledne Star wars:II l



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tak už jsem ti to našel nejsou to celé epizody ale jen bonusové kola přímo proti bossům.... tady to máš snad umíš trochu ENG

Episode II: Count Dooku


Pursue Dooku down the hallway, and take care of the droids that attack. In the

next room, he will flee behind a large door, and 5-6 flying things (I never saw

Episode II, I don't know what they are called) will attack. Once you have killed

all of them, assemble the button on the ground to the right on the room and

stand on it. A platfrom with another button will appear. Your partner will jump

onto that button for the next platform for you to jump on. Continue this until

you are above the door, and use the force on one of the large switches. Your

partner will get the other one, and the door will open.

You will now be in a large room. After you hurt Dooku three times, he will use

the force to fling you back if you get too close. He will also be flinging

objects at you with the force. As always, use the force on those objects just

before they hit you to fling them at him to hurt him. After three hits, Anakin

will have his hand cut off, and Yoda will replace him.

After three more hits, he will use his force lightening attack. When he is using

this on you, switch to the other character and attack with them. After three

hits, it will be back to normal fighting, and after four more hits you will have

finished him.

Je tam psáno že když začne používat blesky tak máš přepnout na druhou postavu a s ní zaútočit :) jak snadné :)

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