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No Gravity: The Plague of Mind


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It's been two weeks since we last heard from RealTechVR over their upcoming No Gravity: The Plague Of Mind title, but it appears it will be launching much sooner than we thought. The developers have just unveiled that their game will be available by next month (August).

If RealTechVR sticks to the rest of its plans, the game should be hitting Europe's PlayStation Network first. While that's already big news in itself, the developers further followed up on the release date announcement with a new The Plague of Mind gameplay trailer. Far from last year's image montage, this new video contains actual gameplay footage which, to be frank, looks awesome for something that began as a homebrew project.

A couple of new screenshots are also available for viewing (via IGN). Enjoy your ogling session, and be sure to stick around in case we run into any more updates. And before we forget - we extend our congratulations to the RealTechVR for making it this far!


Tak co na to řikáte? :D

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kdyby to udělali alespoň ve stylu Freelancer tak bych docela čuměl, takhle to ale vypadá jenom na lítání a kosení, neukázali nic extra :D

Freelancer Rulezz!! :)

taky sem pařil hodně:-) .. jestli tě to bavilo, tak bych ti doporučoval taky hru "DarkStar one" (pouze na PC) něco jako freečko, ale trošku jiný .... a pak se těšim na Jumpgate Evolution (ve vývoji) jako Freelancer, ale MMO:-)

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