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Stáhnutá hra pro Xbox 1


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Zdravím stáhnul jsem si hru Street Fighter Aniversary Collection PAL/NTSC na původní Xbox. Hra má velikost 4,36 GB. Stáhnul jsem si update, který má podporovat spoštění her z původního xboxu na xboxu 360. No a chtěl jsem se tedy zeptat jestli je možné to nějakým způsobem rozběhat ?

Tady jsou ještě nějaké instrukce ke hře co a jak s ní. Vy to snad zvládnete líp přelouskat než-li já.

Děkuji za veškeré informace.

Info :

Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection - PAL/NTSC-U - (XBOX 360 - Xtreme 5.x)

well, i patched the game to make it work on my PAL system, and it works pretty nice. i had to patch every .xbe file so i thought some of you may be interested in this, so here you have, enjoy it!

the only issue i got is that when you try to play thru Live! you gotta update the game, and if you're using a VGA cable you will get the 50hz incompatibility error message, so you have to use the component video cable.

i tested this on my XBOX 360 PAL, Toshiba Samsung drive with Xtreme 5.2c firmware and it works 100%

i dunno if this game is region free, but i've read in some websites that it is. i tried it on my Asian XBOX 360, and it didn't work because it has an Hitachi-LG drive, but i didn't get the region lock errror message, so.. i don't really know if it's region free or not, sorry.

anyway, it's been confirmed by some users that it works on NTSC-U systems.


- Unrar the files

- Burn it with your favourite software on a DVD-R(tested using ImgBurn on a Verbatim DVD-R)

- Insert the disc on your XBOX 360 with T-Samsung drive that has the Xtreme 5.x modified firmware.

- Dowload the needed backwards compatibilty patch


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