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otazka na erot. hry


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To asi asi moc neuzije tech par pixelu :D

Mno.. Neco jo, hlavne tam jde ale o pribeh, kdyz si to ctes a koukas na ty low-resolution obrazky, tak je to celkem sila.. Mnt, zkusim tu hru najit :)

to Barborak.Filip, no ja bych hlavne s hrou (na PSP) nesoulozil, ani kdyby byla v HD rozliseni xD

.. neco se najde, ale to, co jsem mel namysli proste uz nenajdu :D http://www.486games.net/genre.php?cat=adult#

EDIT: tak jsem to nasel, je to tohle :D http://www.lauppert.ws/files/dos/intrgirl.zip myslim, ze snad je i vice verzi, nebo jak, s ruznejma zenskejma :D

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jediná "erotická" hra v Angličtině co znám je Pocket Pool :D stahnul jsem si 100% save protoze kulecnikk je to nic moc ae s tim savem celkem good xD mas tam obrazky a videa...akorat jsou to holky ve spodnim pradle a bikinach atd. neni to nic extra xD (takze ted je mi jasny ze download tyhle hry bude maximalni :lol:) btw kdyby ste to chteli upnout tak napiste xD xD

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NWM co to je musíte skusit...



Part1 : http://mihd.net/lf80pa [Rar: 199 MB]

Part2 : http://mihd.net/ocm4uf [Rar: 199 MB]

Part3 : http://mihd.net/sxakh0 [Rar: 199 MB]

Part4 : http://mihd.net/d4sweh [Rar: 199 MB]

Part5 : http://mihd.net/09ypza [Rar: 199 MB]

Part6 : http://mihd.net/nmtq8d [Rar: 149 MB]

Uploader and Tested by jusexe

juzexe thanks for the game

Passwor : hako

Ripped : nothing

Language: japanese

Tested: 3.71m33-4

cheat&secret: Password to Unlock Special Promo Movie & All other movies:

As soon as you aquire a Cleared Data (After beating the game once with any ending)

On the Main Menu Screen. New Options will Appear. One of which is Password.

Type in CAPS the English Letters "HOS" then the Katakana "i" Followed by the numbers "31"

Finde Love Rina JAP FULL CSO 900 MB


Part 1 : http://mihd.net/s23h81 [Rar: 199 MB]

Part 2 : http://mihd.net/86nfde [Rar: 199 MB]

Part 3 : http://mihd.net/0dg3mb [Rar: 199 MB]

Part 4 : http://mihd.net/210nqg [Rar: 199 MB]

Part 5 : http://mihd.net/broflw [Rar: 104 MB]

Uploader and Tested by jusexe

juzexe thanks for the game

Password : hako

Ripped : Nothing

Language : japanese

Tested: 3.71m33-4

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