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Vcera som chcel hrat cod6 mw2 a assassina 2 a pytalo to pomne update tak jsem to potvrdil zacal se mi stahovat pak se my normale restartovala konzola ale nez my opet nabehl dash,tak to pomne pytalo opet a furt dokola,skousel jsem asi vsechno,ale divni je ze bezz hdd my to ide v pohode a nepyta to ani ziadny update?poradi nekdo,zatim dik

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Dashboard (8955) si stiahnite zo stranky MS, dajte na USB flashku a nespekulujte. V hrach s wave4 (aj MW2, AC) je dash 8498.


1. na vypnutej konzole stlacte a drzte sync tlacitko (male biele pri vypinaci)

2. popri drzani sync. tlacitka stlacne vypinac(power button)

3. stale drzte sync. tlacitko az kym sa konzola kopmletne nenastartuje (nenabootuje!)

4: pocas bootovania by sa mali zmazat, vsetky chybne updaty, a tym vam povolit spustit normalne konzolu.

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A jak si to stahnu na tu flashku a kam to mam ulozit?


Copy the Update to a USB Flash Drive

If you don't have an Xbox LIVE account or have a slow Internet connection, using a USB flash drive is a good option.

Note: The USB flash drive must use the FAT32 file system.

Update using a USB flash drive:

  1. Connect your USB flash drive to a USB port on your computer.
  2. Click here to begin downloading the update folder. Save it as "$SystemUpdate_Fall09_8955.zip" anywhere on your computer.
  3. Unzip the File.
  4. Copy the contents from the unzipped folder onto the root of your flash drive.
  5. Safely remove the flash drive from your computer and plug it into a USB port on your Xbox 360 console. If your console is on, turn it off, then back on. The update program will start automatically.
  6. Select Yes, update now. When you see the new dashboard, you're done.

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