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Konečně karta pro DSi s GBA emulátorem.


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jednu klidne prodam, GBA jsem na tom nezkousel, jen prehravani divxu

ale pisou o tom dost pochvalne:

I was genuinely impressed with the test results, considering this is the first version out of the gate. Admittedly, there are some games that crash, have slow downs, gfx/sound glitches but on the whole, the compatibility was good. I'd say the majority of the games I tried played well. The one fly in the ointment was the creation/reading of standard .sav files for key titles like Mario Kart Super Circuit. This can be resolved by using save states but it's a bit of a niggle. Perhaps we have to turn back the clocks and return to the dark days of sram patching. Nowadays I've completely lost touch with all the old GBA black arts.


The GBA iPlayer Emulator shows the raw power hidden within the cart. Hopefully other emulators will be released using this tech. At the time of writing this review, the SDK hasn't been published by the iPlayer Team. It would in their best interest to put it out to the homebrew community, in order to maximize the full potential of the cart.

This emulator combined with Lameboy, brings Nintendo's superb back catalogue to all DSi owners. It shows off the rich heritage in game design, that the Japanese company has failed to leverage on its DSiware platform.

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