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Full HD monitor na staré grafické kartě


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Triangles/sec: 9 Million

Pixels/sec: 300 Million

Memory bandwidth: 2.9GB/sec


Max Resolution: 1920x1200 available now, 2048x1536 in the feature

Visually stunning interactive 3D

Optimized Direct3D and OpenGL acceleration

Complete DirectX5.0, 6.x and OpenGL support

2nd Generation 128-bit Twin Texel architecture

-2 texture-mapped, lit pixels-per-clock cycle

-Single-pass multi-texturing

32-bit Z/stencil Buffer

Anti-aliasing: full scene, order independent

32-bit ARGB rendering with destination alpha

Point-sampled, bilinear, and 8 tap Anisotropic filtering

Texture Blend support

- Multi-texture - Reflection maps

- Bump map - Detail textures

- Texture modulation - Environment maps

- Light maps - Procedural textures

Per-pixel perspective correct texture mapping

-fog, light, mip mapping

High performance 128-bit 2D acceleration

Hardware acceleration for Windows GDI operations

Optimized for multiple color depths including 32, 24, 16, 15, and 8-bits per pixel

True-color hardware cursor

Multi-buffering (up to quad buffering) for smooth animation and video playback

Fast 32-bit VGA/SVGA support

High quality video playback

30fps full screen DVD playback

DVD sub-picture alpha-blended compositing

Video acceleration for DirectShow, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and Indeo

Advanced support for DirectDraw

Back-end hardware video scaling for video conferencing and playback

Hardware color space conversion(YUV 4:2:2 and 4:2:0)

Multi-tap X and Y filtering

Per-pixel color keying

Fast 32-bit VGA/SVGA support

Robust system interface

Comprehensive AGP 4x/2x interface

Memory configurations up to 32MB of SDRAM

64/128 bits memory bandwidth

Designed to WHQL compatibility standards

Windows2000, Windows NT4.0, Windows98, and Windows95 display drivers

Complete support for DirecDraw , Direct3D, DirectShow, and ActiveX

OpenGL IDC for all operating systems listed above

Fully PC98 and PC99 compliant

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tak jestli zvladne 1680x1050 tak 1920x1080 taky da i kdyz moc nevim podle me by se to rozliseni sekalo btw diky za informaci od jarbiho ze to da full hd ale je tu jedno velke ale.... redukce stoji 1800kc+kabely vga kabel+dvi to hdmi kabel to ti dava 2150kc cca byt tebou poridim novou grafiku a hned ti poradim kterou.. do agp do slotu bude asi nejvhodnejsi tato snad nejlepsi pomer cena/vykon http://www.alza.cz/sapphire-hd-3850-d153633.htm nejvykonnejsi grafika do agp... ale k tomu si kup zdroj pochybuju ze mas nakej dobrej ale stacil by ti nakej forton 400 W a mas po starostech ver mi vyplati se to...

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Jaká redukce ? Připojím to přes D-Sub (VGA), žádnou novou grafiku pořizovat nebudu, monitor pořizujeme babičce k sedmdesátým narozeninám.

Edit někdo byl rychlejší :D, takže s rozlišením nebude problém, stejně je to jen na internet, nějaké dokumenty a Ordinace a Ulice online :D...

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