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Ale píše se to zde často . Neradím to nikomu aby si to dělal sám - obzvlášť když nemá potřebné vybavení. Když si vybereš zkušeného flashera , tak dáš jen 350-500 a víš , že to máš udělané odborně . Přečti si diskuzi zde :

http://console-forum.net/tema/130880-nepovedeny-flash-mechaniky-benq .

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[h=2]Ahoj kdo ma zajem muze skusit pokud bude mit stesti.

Xbox LIVE Public Preview Program[/h]At E3 we announced the new Xbox LIVE dashboard which will deliver intuitive navigation, increased responsiveness and improved engagement with Xbox experiences – all beginning this holiday. Now that our work on the dashboard is almost complete, we are announcing an open call for all Xbox LIVE members toregister to participate in a preview program to help us test the system. This is an important program as we continually strive to ensure the reliability of a service that reaches tens of millions globally. We could not do so without the ongoing help of our great community.

Once this program is kicked off, an update will be pushed to your console that will contain select dashboard features, including:

  • • New design for integrated Kinect and controller navigation
    • New Beacons to play online with friends
    • Deeper Facebook integration
    • New Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Xbox LIVE Profile

Other features and entertainment partner apps may come into view during the program period.

Note: A console in the program is expected to remain fully compatible with standard retail consoles not in the program. (e.g. party chat will function)

For those familiar with previous registrations for our program, we have a new model for registering your consoles this year. The new model is a more automated process that should make it easier for you. We will notask you to type in your console information upon initial registration; once you are approved to participate in the program, look for details on our portal about how to register your console.

Click here for the initial register for the Public Preview.

The latest information will be available to you via the www.connect.microsoft.com/xboxliveupdate program portal.

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Preview, Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

permalink: http://majornelson.com/2011/10/12/xbox-live-public-preview-program/

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kluci mel bych taky otazecku :) koupil jsem rped 3mi lety xboxe 360, mam tam flash asi 1.41 :) musel jsem tehda menit mechaniky, ale tedka bych zahral nejakou novou pecku, bohuzel flash 2.0 nestaci ale je potreba i upgrade dashbordu, mam 2.0.8895.0 a problem je asi ten, ze ja nemam HDD? mam jen 2x 256mb MU, stacci o na ten novej dash bord ? nebo musim dokoupit HDD nebo je pripadne nejaka cesta tam strcit USB flashku terba 4gb ? ze by to fungovalo ? ja to tedka zkousel s 2gb format fat32, ale najdu ji jen v music movie atd. nemuzu na ni presunout obsah z tech MU 256mb, takze jestli staci ty unitky na new dash nebo nejaka jina cesta pro me ...diky )

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