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IrShell 3.8 - nyní i pro Slim


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* Supports the latest M33 firmwares across both Phat & Slim. Slim users can choose among 3.60M33, 3.71M33-1 to 3.71M33-3.

* PSOne 2-Player Adhoc Support.

* Introduces a new Context Menu System. Functions (plugins) under context menu will always be available to all file types, similar to the right mouse menu click under Windows.

* Added a new Multi-tasking PRX Plugin System. This allows user written PRX Plugins for iR Shell to multi-task with another game/app. The included PRX HTML/Text Viewer developed by korDen allows you to view HTML & Text documents while playing games or homebrews..

* With the help from Dark_AleX, support to M33 & NP9660 No UMD Modes have been added. NetHostFS & UsbHostFS are also available for the No UMD modes.

* Added support to the latest Popsloader for 3.71M33-3 by Dark_AleX.

D* Allow random start of MP3 for the alarm clock function, so you'll be greeted with different tunes each morning.

* Added the options to put your PSP to auto-sleep while idle to save battery.

* Allows you to press Hot-Key to turn off/on all LEDs. The annonying memory stick or WiFi LEDs will no longer distract you from watching your favorite video/movie.

* Support TV-Out for Slim via component cable.

* Added the display of volume bar for PSP main volume in iR Shell.

* plus numerous bug fixes.


Download 3.81 Full

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hele a k cemu to je dobry? :) jsem docela beginer tak by me zajimalo co to jako umi, co jsem vycetl tak je tam budik a tak, ale jinak ???:roll:

pro hrani her, z PC, posilani souboru pres WiFi (jakychkoliv) pro multitasking - muzes poslouchat mp3 a pustit si pritom nejakou hru, nebo si pritom delat cokoliv jinyho.. budik tam taky je, muzes treba i surfovat a pritom poslouchat mp3, hrat po adhoc PSone hry, pouzivat DevHook, pouzivat IrDA jako dalkovy ovladac.. no proste fci je tam hodne a plne nahrazuje klasicke XMB menu, mas v tom vsechny fce co ma XMB

Obrazky - Muzes si prihlizet taky

Video - v poho pres HB aplikaci

Mp3 - Pohoda, dokonce i behem hry apod..

ISO/HB - Np3 + moznost vymeny kernelu

Net - samozrejme, ten se da spustit zvlast (jen browser) ;)

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udelal sem,ale nejde mi posledni krok,najedu do adresáře ms0:/IRSHELL/PATCH/3.5x/btcnfpatch a spustim a napise mi to:error loading application 80020148-click any key to continue a jsem zase v ms0:/IRSHELL/PATCH/3.5x/btcnfpatch a stale dokola,nejde mi ten patch nainstalovat,nemam nekde neco prepnout???:blink:

a jeste jedna otazka.mam nekam instalovat nebo presunout soubory irshell150 a irshell150%,ktere jsou ve slosce game 150,kdyz mam v psp jen slozku game(bez cisla 150)?dik,ja sem na tohle levej,tak se predem omlouvam ze s tim otravuju

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