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dostanu pod stromecek baterku a kartu tak to nejak zvlladnu pak se stejne bude hodit

no to je super, ale pokud nedostanes jinou baterku nez orig od sony tak pandoru udelas tezko, ale je mozny zo to de s jinou baterkou nvm nekdo tady neco rikal nebo se na to ptal...

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- Sony "standard" Li-ion 1800 mAh

- Sony PSP-280 2200mAh

- Datel, PSP Battery 3600 mAh (X2)

- Datel, PSP Battery 1800 Max Power

- Datel, PSP Battery GO MAX (Model # GM1000, uses AAA batteries) note: If u remove the batteries, it resets the serial back to all 0's

Not working:

- 3.6v 3600 mAh Battery Pack (Silver letters) (Model PSP-360) (Fake)

- 2600 mAh Mega Battery Pack (Fake)

- Atomic Battery Pack 3.6V 1800mAh

- Sony PSP-280 2200mAh (Fake)

- Sony PSP Bloc-Battery pack 3.6v 1800 mAh

- Battery 3600mAh, unknown brand, (china made model NK-RH008) (Fake)

- Battery Pack, unknown brand, (lithium) 3.6v 3600 mAH (Fake)

- Intec 1800 mAh Li-ion

- Intec 2200 mAh

- UltraLast e-Boost 3.7v 2200mAh Li-PO battery

snad pomůže :)

(ještě bych doplnil Slim baterku Sony 1200 mAh)

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