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Czech video games market - help needed



Hello my dear Czech friends,

Could you give me an information who in Czech Republic is the biggest video games (console and PC) seller? Which retailers (net shops) have big part of video games market? Which online shops are more important in Czech (video games)?

Maybe you know some big video games wholsales, too?

Thank you very much in advance and I promise to support Czech and buy a box of Budwaiser or Pilsner Urquell and I'll drink it with pleasure :)

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Hiya mate,

Xzone is definitely the biggest Czech "pure" video games seller, it isn't the cheapest one but with its special (weekend) offers and some kind of "loyalty proram" (you are recieving virtual coins when you buy something and you can u these coins as usual money when buying some game next time). JRC is also big shop, but i still prefer Xzone. Alza is biggest electronics vendor, but games there are generally more expensive and their range of games is quite limited.

I personally prefer UK shops, but sometimes I buy a piece in Xzone ^^

Edit: Talking of beer, i like Svijany maybe it's not the most famous, but i think it's da best =D

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1. I'd like to thank you very much for your feedback. :)

2. I'll try Svijany's beer, when I will be in Czech. It's a shame, but I never visit your country yet.

3. You had nice football team in Euro 96 in England. Also nice goal from Smicer in Instanbul against Milan:) But like said my friend "to se ne vrati" :)

4. Guys, I need an info about landing shops like Media Markt, Saturn, ElektroWorld etc. Which are the biggest "players" in video games market? Which shops are more important?

I know about JRC. Someone else?

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