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Forza 4 PAL funguje! Hranie Forza 4 na LIVE nie je bezpecne!


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I have cleaned up a lot of the junk posted by noobs and scared kids who can't get their pirate pre-release bad rips of Forza 4 booting "OMFGBBQWTF??III"

Here are some facts and then I will close this thread before it gets destroyed by kids again.

1. CIV has been around since the Halo XGD3. Its not new and was taken care of in the new FW.

2. Forza 4 has a new LBA hash check that was not previously used. This is being addressed with a FW update.

3. A new burning fw is in progress also. More news soon.

4. You shouldn't be booting pre-released games anyway. Especially lame p2p releases or from lame websites that deal in just piracy run by kids, for kids.

5. We look forward to all of the ODDE groups giving full credits to C4E when they make their next breaking news announcement that they added support for this (and anything else) "miraculously" 48 hours after a C4E release.

Zdroj: Xecuter@TX

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Takze bude dalsi FW?


Tak je to jasny.

2011-10-08 11:22AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> fw is fine, working on forza 4 [Editor's note: c4eva has advised that Forza 4 should not be booted due to new checks and that a fix in LT+ is forthcoming]

No jeste ze jsem uz neodeslal xko k flasherovi, snad ten fix nebude trvat dlouho.

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No jelikož CFW LT+ 2.0 pro Slim ještě nevyšel je zřejmé, že uvedené neplatné pokusy spustit Forzu 4 proběhly na Phat Xboxech.

Nicméně to není rozhodující, fix pro LT+ 2.0 bude zjevně potřeba a plánované vydání LT+ 2.0 pro Slim na tento víkend se dost možná oddálí.

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