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Dashlaunch 2.26

- correct jtag/glitch wording in installer patch updater

- fix compare with glitch machine, now accurate when it checks patches for update

- add fcrt removal patch (and correction)

- rebuild to hopefully improve stability (less optimization)

- changed contpatch to only patch ID bytes to 0xFF

- fix sonic, more thoroughly hooked disk verification (thanks again Nate!)

- add current launch.xex version display to installer, add versioning

- add note about encryption on modified retail xex

- added '$' to permitted chars in launch.xex ini parser

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360 Multi Builder v0.3 on 13/11/2011

- Updated Dashlaunch patches to latest version 2.26 / thanks cOz

- Added the option to build the image without Dashlaunch patches too.

- Added the option to build the Jtag image with SMC = AUD_CLAMP.

- Added full checks of different CB versions to the Xell/ECC script.

- Added RawFlash v3 / "xenon.elf" to "Data" folder with flashing note.

- Fixed the Fans Speed back to auto (it was 70% in previous version).

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360 Content Manager v2.0

What This App Does:

* Browse 360 files on your PC by their real info, like game name and package


* Upload files (XBLA, DLC, GOD, Avatar, Title Update) to your console over FTP

with a single click. Files are automatically uploaded to the right folders.

* Drag and drop files to other applications, if you'd prefer to use your own

FTP client.

* Organize a messy folder of downloaded content into 1 of many different

directory styles. Restore the original filenames for XBLA and DLC files.

* View the MediaID of Title Updates and GODs so you can match them, and search

JQE and XBUC for matching TUs.

* View the MediaID of ISO files. (Requires abgx360)

* View the MediaID of default.xex files.

Changelog v2.0 :

- New name.

- FTP "File Exists" dialog updated.

- FTP settings simplified.

- Prompt to enter FTP IP address upon first fun and subsequent runs if a valid IP hasn't been entered.

- Bug fixes.

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DiskSwap Configurator v1.3

- Changed: Re-designed the Add game form

- Added: Add game now checks that you have proper input (should be GOD/xex!)

- Added: Help button for Add game to help you understand how it works :D

- Added: Icon by Jack Nepacha

ExisoGUI v1.4b

- Fixed: Forgot to make sure it adds .iso if you drag 'n' drop a folder

my bad! :(

Dashlaunch Configurator for Dashlaunch 2.26

- Initial release ;)

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Xebuild pro DB 14699 (Metro) a DashLaunch 2.27.

Tak to šlo vážně rychle :-)

No a

malá ukázka toho, že to funguje. Kdo neví, jak to na svoje RGH/Jtag konzole dostat, neukvapujte se a v žádném případě nespouštějte originální M$ update DB, připravíte se tak o vaše Jtag/RGH!

Návod na instalaci lze vygooglit, já se pokusím sem hodit o víkendu přeložený tutorial.

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Xebuild pro DB 14699 (Metro) a DashLaunch 2.27.

Tak to šlo vážně rychle :-)

No a

malá ukázka toho, že to funguje. Kdo neví, jak to na svoje RGH/Jtag konzole dostat, neukvapujte se a v žádném případě nespouštějte originální M$ update DB, připravíte se tak o vaše Jtag/RGH!

Návod na instalaci lze vygooglit, já se pokusím sem hodit o víkendu přeložený tutorial.

Xebuild GUI V1.0

S timhle by to mohl zvladnout snad kazdej.

Neberte to jako navod kdo netusi co by delal podle toho videa. Moznosti nastaveni je vice.

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Xebuild GUI V1.1

- Added: Function to prepare a USB memory stick for updating your console with the AVATAR support

(Update downloader)

- Fixed: Copying of Cygnos360 V2 SMC now works...

- Fixed: Some Xenon SMC's didn't show previous hack properly... works now :D

- Fixed: Sometimes the app will recognise your SMC as Cygnos whiles it's JTAG, the app will now

show you it's JTAG if it can see that it's JTAG patched aswell instead of fooling you by saying

it's a cygnos 360 patch...

- Changed: The app no longer asks if you want to clear the log after autosaving, instead it asks

if you want to Close the app, Clear the log or just leave the way it is :)

- Added: Reading cpukey/ldv from fuse.txt or downloading it from xell now also saves both CPUKey and

DVDKey (if available) to keys.txt :)

360 Multi Builder v0.7

- Added a default "launch.ini" to Flash when image is created with Dashlaunch.

Button_A=Hdd:\FSD\default.xex , default=Usb:\FSD\default.xex , rest=default

- Added the option to auto-build custom "launch.ini" per user preference.

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FreeBOOT ToolBox Maker V2.9

- The support of the kernel thanks xeBuild 14699.

- Added patches Dashlaunch 2.27

- Update build.py in 1.1 (now compatible with the Falcons)

- Added support for CB 5771 and 6751

- The fcrt.bin is now injected into freeBOOT (If you have a 1175 drive, you must have a source containing the nand fcrt.bin, which is not the case with former freeBOOT generated by my tool.)

FreeBOOT ToolBox Maker V2.9.1

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FSD 2.2 installer

Well here is a new tool from TeamFSD just for you.

It allows you to do either a local, or online install of FSD and Dashlaunch.

It can be run from either LIVE, DVD, or Extracted (packages included)

Live package needs to be copied to Content\0000000000000000 in order to show up in NXE

Basically a one stop shop. Run from media of choice, choose where to install, what to install and where to get media (local or internet) and press go.

When installing Dashlaunch it will setup the launch on startup for the requested FSD install dir

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XNand Healer GUI v0.73

- This release is for small but important change to the build glitch image feature. It's possible

for another Multibuilder operation e.g. "build JTAG image with custom smc" to leave an smc.bin file

in the Data\my360 folder. The next time xeBuild is invoked by Xnandhealer (or from cmd line) the build

would erroneously pick up this smc and cause a bad image build.

Now any leftover smc.bin file that may be present in the Data\my360 folder will be removed before

building the image, thus ensuring the correct smc is always used.

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Dash Launch v2.28

- added rad.msn.com to weak blocklist

- added *bing.net, *msn.com to strong blocklist

- added glitch machine detection for xellLaunch to launch on flash xell-1f

- added xhttp auth patch for 14699 (thanks Anthony!)

- added signin notice dismiss (optionally disabled, only affects 'ok' type dialogs)

- added intMu: to installer ini updater

- added autoselect shutdown and auto off option for the "hold guide to shutdown"

NOTE: that both these options can affect other things that use this type of dialog!

- added optional temp broadcaster

- added quick python script to cap temp broadcasts to a .csv file

Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0350

Changed - Minor tweaks to Image Browser dialog

Changed - AP25 iXtreme LT+ v3.0 method to "Profiling"

Changed - Image Browser to better match stand alone app

Removed - Convert to SplitVid tool

Removed - ISO Tagging feature

Fixed - Ripping xgd1 titles

Fixed - xgd3 drive response SS details

Fixed - Assortment of minor issues

Added - Windows 7 Taskbar Progress

To patch the median file for LT+ v3.0 Image Tools > select inject > load iso > click AP25 Sector> load median.bin and patch > burn with iHas Driver + BurnerMax Firmware

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Dashlaunch Temp Monitor v1.0b

- Fixed: Re-Opening options menu now re-loads ALL options :)

- Fixed: Random crash when exiting while the app is still working

- Fixed: The app now only writes to log if there is new data rather then once each second

- Changed: Moved RAW data to be below temperatures instead of above

- Fixed: Middle temps are now shown in orange properly when it's between good/bad

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Dash Launch v2.29

- expanded temp broadcaster to include PE Name and path of current title

- added titleid and mediaid output to temp logger

- fixed a bug in unhandled-exception handler (could cause freeze/multiple consecutive exceptions)

- add title module PE name and path to exception log

- contpatch completely rewritten, now takes over checking license bits entirely for xam when enabled

(may break... things, or allow some to work that shouldn't/crash)

Dashlaunch Temp Monitor v1.1

- Removed: Option to display raw data in the log, it's not really needed

for end-users, if you are a dev and want to see the raw data, go right ahead

and download the source, uncomment the blob of code that handles this and

you'll have all of it right there infront of you in a flash! ;)

- Added: Support for reading Path/PEname data from dashlaunch 2.29 output

NOTE: it'll still support the data output of 2.28 just the same, difference

is that it now also reads the extra data that is within version 2.29

- Fixed: Optimized the app ALOT, it no longer use a shitload of your cpu

it now use around 1-3% of your CPU ;)

- Added: Translation for all devices that are currently available, so it's

easier for you to see/understand where the game/app is run from in the log later on

and also what is actually running :) (NOTE: this is not a flawless identification so

it may still be a bit cryptic to know what was running...)

- Added: Counter for how many readings are in the log

- Added: Option to automaticly flush the log to temps.log every time the counter reaches

the set value you've specified, this makes the log window cleaner and lets you keep logging

for a very long time and then check back to see how the temperatures changed without your

computer going berserk on you because your memory is packed with a shitload of data from my app

- Fixed: when opening the prog without the log then enabling it, the window would keep

the log hidden, now it resize the window properly, otherwise it saves the window size when you

hide the log and put's it back into that size when you want to show it again

- Added: Last minute change adding Title/Media ID output aswell, along with an option to

enable/disable this output in the log (it's on a seperate line to make it easier to find ;))

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