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Monster Hunter Freedom PSP Special Edition


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Capcom announces Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP bundle

Capcom announces Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP bundle - Image 1We know that you are rather disappointed that Capcom had to pushed back the Japanese release date of the highly anticipated PlayStation Portable exclusive Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.

Maybe Capcom knows this as well, and that's why the company has just sent us a press release showing a PSP unit especially made for the game.

The bundle costs 24,571 Yen or roughly US$ 231. It contains the following items:

* One PSP-2000 unit

* AC adaptor

* Battery pack

* One copy of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G

* Several pouches

* A strap

As of this writing, the new scheduled release date of March 27 holds only true for Japan. There is still no word if the title will be released internationally and therefore, we're also not sure if this bundle will be brought to other countries as well.

takže to hlavní :)

27. března

cena 231 dolarů (cca 4000kč - v Japonsku)

(něco pro jogurta a witekse :))




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Kdyby tam radsi narvaly nejakou hezci barvu a pres celej zadek nasranyho Tigrexe...

:lol::lol::lol: nasranyho Tigrexe:lol::lol:...ale mas pravdu-mit PSP s Tigrexem by byla jina-a hlavne aby to PSP nemelo barvu ze nepoznas esli je to hneda nebo zlata...ale jinak dobrej napad-Tigrex na zadku PSP a jeste aby rval nebo tak-to by bylo drsny 8) :D ...ale kdyby na PSP byly treba plameny a v nich Tigrex :wohow: :lol:

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